If you make a regular habit of keeping up with this blog, you already know that there are an estimated 600,000 to 1.5 million wild hogs in the state of Oklahoma. You also know that there is no hog season and that they are huntable all year ‘round. What’s more, you know that what we do is facilitate fun and stellar hunting experiences for all types of folks at any age. But what is it that makes us special and worth trusting with your business, and moreover, with your hunt?

hog fever!

Here’s something you don’t hear about every day…. Hog Fever!

If you’re an avid hunter, or you belong to any avid hunting communities, you may have heard of its distant cousin, Buck Fever. It’s a gripping sensation that’s sweeping the hunting nation.

OKC sights

Oftentimes couples and families making a trip to Hog Wild for a hunt come with the full package -- a very eager hunter, and a spouse or loved one who is more eager to see a bit of what the surprisingly metropolitan Oklahoma City has to offer tourists or non-locals. In fact, many people from out of town are surprised to learn about how hip OKC actually is!

Hog Meat is Delicious

We often talk about how great hog hunting is, here. Of course we would! There are a lot of (we think) common sense reasons for this to be the case. Hunting is a marvelous and ancient sport that can put you in touch with something baser about yourself -- moreover, it’s a great builder of camaraderie between friends, family members and those in relationships.

Hog Hunts are Great for Beginners

It’s clear that at Hog Wild, we LOVE hog hunts -- we recognize that we have a little bias when it comes to talking about the best kind of hunting out there, but we firmly believe that hog hunting is some of the best hunting that those who are just starting out as hobbyists can do.

hog hunting with dogs

Wild hogs reproduce rapidly, having 12 to 20 piglets born every year. This could be a good thing for American agriculture if these swine were being produced on farms. The problem is that many feral or wild hogs are creating more offspring than their environment can handle. This leads them to harass farms by stealing crops and destroying property. That's one of the big reasons that hog hunting excursions have become popular in the last few years. If this interests you, here are some tips on how to make exotic hunting trips for hogs more fun.

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