Hog Hunting During COVID-19

We know this is a strange and anxious time for many of us out there -- we ourselves are hunkered down here at HogWild and waiting for the storm of this pandemic to pass. Not only do we want to wish you and yours the very best in terms of health and wellness during this crisis, we want to give you some fast facts about hog hunting in Oklahoma and tell you why it may be a beneficial and personally rewarding activity that also respects social distancing!

You may already know that feral hog populations have an unwaveringly negative impact on local agriculture and the yield for farmers. The harm reduction that happens every year can be directly credited to the work done by hog hunters (local and otherwise!). Hogs breed quickly, and unless the annual population is reduced to less than 20%, it will return to its pre-culled levels by the same time next year. For this reason, states that are impacted by feral hogs tend to encourage hunters to bag as many hogs as they can.

You may also know that feral hogs have dietary overlap with deer -- because their numbers are far larger than that of the deer population, their consumption leaves deer with depleted food sources from which to scavenge.

With all of this in mind, hogs have a noticeably detrimental impact on our local agriculture and many of the animals that exist around them -- the hunting of feral hogs is a crucial function in the provision of our food and the preservation of the ecosystem around us.

It is integral that we continue to take steps to protect our food sources and the food chain around us (of which we are a part). Hog Wild is a big part of that protection, and together we can continue to have a positive impact on the environment around us despite the circumstance that we currently find ourselves in.

You’re probably wondering -- is hog hunting safe right now? We certainly think so. The first benefit of it is that it is an entirely outdoor activity. Therefore, you wouldn’t be confined to a small space with anyone. It is also an activity that you can do alone! Many often hunt in duos or in groups, but it is not necessary.

Hunting alone or in a duo would also make for a safe usage of our state of the art redneck blinds which are placed strategically around the property.

Ultimately, you’d be getting yourself out of the house and taking part in an activity that will not only be good for your mental and physical health, it will be beneficial for our local community and continue to maintain a population stasis that we rely on to stop the millions of dollars of damage that feral hogs cause each year. Are you ready to have a conversation with us about doing a hunt? Give us a ring at 405-HOG-WILD.

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