If you’ve never been hog hunting before, good! We’re glad you’re here, and we’re glad you’re considering a hunt on our reserve! Many novice hunters have visited us for a hunt and sought our counsel on the best place to aim for the perfect drop of a hog. We thought we’d set some space aside on our blog to share some of the advice we regularly give to our visitors… read ahead, but don’t be afraid to talk with us if you have any doubts or questions when you arrive for your hunt!

Before we go on, we also want to note that if you’ve never been hog hunting before, but you have been deer hunting, we’re going to ask you to forget some of what you know about falling a deer when it comes to hogs. Of course, you know...you should make sure you retain everything you know about etiquette and safety!

The reason is this… when you’re shooting a hog broadside (which can be a very effective shot), you need to remember that their vital organs are more forward and lower than a deer’s. You may have seen a diagram or two illustrating the perfect broadside shot on a deer. If you try to translate that to a hog hunt, you’re going to be chasing a futile (and small) blood trail.

Hogs carry a lot of fat in that area that you may have suspected their vitals were. Interestingly enough, this fat can fill and plug up entry and exit wounds which will make it nearly impossible to find your hog...especially if you didn’t even mortally wound it!

A well-aimed shot that is both forward and lower on the broadside of a hog will result in - generally speaking - a very quick kill. If anything, the hog may make it a few yards trying to run before they fall. If your shot is truly well placed, you will either have done some serious damage to the heart or lungs, or you’ll have done some serious vitals + bone structure damage which makes it very difficult for them to run out of there.

If you’re a real crackshot and you want our best advice, we’d tell you that you’re looking for a very specific type of headshot. A well-placed shot behind the ears will put the hog straight down. This is the location of the brain.

Be wary, though -- hogs have thick faces, and so if you’re taking a shot from head on and you put a bullet in its snout, you’re only going to be causing it pain and then doing some serious blood trail tracking. Behind the ear when you’re facing the hog’s profile is your most ideal shot.

When you get here, please feel comfortable about having a conversation with us about this. We’re more than willing to share literature on the subject with you and give expert pointers. If you have access to an outdoor range, you can always practice on a 3D target. It never hurts to be more familiar with your prey and with your weapon.

Once you feel ready, give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD. We’ll be ready to hear about how great that perfect shot felt at the end of the day.

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