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Despite the very real challenges that the national and global economy has faced as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, Oklahoma’s business owners have been imaginative in their approach to keeping things safe and available for both locals and visitors to the area.

Today, in order to encourage you to plan that visit to Hog Wild that you’ve been weighing in your mind, we thought we’d put together a list of awesome things you can still do (safely) while you’re visiting Oklahoma for an awesome hunt on the ranch.

Visit the Arts Districts of Oklahoma City

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, the venerable and historic Oklahoma City arts districts were hit in some of the biggest ways by business shutdowns. The Paseo Arts District and the Plaza District in particular have made huge amounts of effort in providing a safe and sanitary way for visitors to experience what the OKC arts community has to offer.

We encourage our guests to go and view some of the very authentic art in the many galleries that are taking reservations and employing social distancing practices. When walking around the Plaza District, you may also encounter an amazing street musician, too.

Norman’s Historic Campus Corner

While the beautiful University of Oklahoma campus may currently be closed and not teeming with the upbeat student life that it usually boasts, the awesome stores and restaurants within the Campus Corner area have found ways to maintain a great relationship with the city’s residents.

Some restaurants have made their patio seating available for guests to dine outdoors, while others are available for limited indoor seating with social distancing enforced. While out and about in the campus corner, it’s well worth your time to walk the perimeter of the OU campus (a decent time investment) and view some of the beautiful architecture.

Local Parks & Lakes

Ask pretty much any local Oklahoman what their favorite thing to do outdoors is, and they’ll probably tell you that they love to visit the many parks and lakes that both the metropolitan and rural areas have to offer. Research has suggested that being outdoors is much safer during the COVID-19 pandemic than was initially thought, so you’ll find many folks enjoying the nighttime summer air at places like the (brand new) Scissortail Park in Downtown Oklahoma City. One of our personal favorites is visiting Lake Hefner -- it’s close enough to some of historic central OKC districts, so you can experience both some excellent nature, and the gorgeous architectural offerings of the city.

So, there’s still plenty you can plan on engaging with during your trip to Hog Wild -- we’d even argue that the best of what Oklahoma has to offer is still available to you during the pandemic. Are you ready to have a conversation with us about how you can have a safe and enriching hunting experience? We’ll have plenty more recommendations for you when you give us a ring at 405-HOG-WILD.

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