It pays to be prepared. We often get asked, “What do I need to bring to be prepared for my hunt?”



Many of our hunts take place, at least in part, during the dark. It pays to have a good flashlight.


If you want to donate your kill to the nonprofit we work with, that’s great. But if you want to take your game home after the hunt, you’ll need a cooler.


No blaze orange is required. However, camo clothing is definitely recommended. And depending on the weather, you may need gloves, a hat, and a camo jacket.


Although scent control spray or clothing is not required, we do strongly encourage it. We do our best to hunt from stands to use the wind direction to our advantage.


Oklahoma requires a $25 license fee that can bee applied for here. If you are hunting deer, elk, or turkey. In that case, more information is available on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s website. Currently, you can purchase them online on this page.


  • After you have harvested the number of animals you paid for, your hunt is over. You can always pay for additional animals.
  • Once you draw blood on any animal, that is considered your animal.
  • We book our hunts as two-day hunts to ensure the maximum number of opportunities (morning & evening for two days).
    If you hunt two full days and do not have an opportunity at a hog, you don’t pay anymore than the security deposit.


Tipping your guide is a tradition in the hunting industry and clients new to guided hunting often ask us for guidance on gratuities. While tips are made at your discretion, they should always reflect the quality of service provided.

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