It’s almost Christmas and many people are scrambling for last minute gift ideas for their family members and friends. Hunters are especially hard to shop for. You could take a chance and buy them a piece of hunting gear that they may or may not like (or may say they like and it winds up sitting in a corner collecting dust.)

We were featured in the Daily Oklahoman and on NewsOK's website during the month of December! Check out the full article here:

Going Hog Wild

Before the New Year, Ed Godfrey of the Daily Oklahoman paid us a visit and we gave him a tour of the reserve. While he was here, we also took him on a hog hunt. The full article can be found on the NewsOK website, but here’s a little bit of Ed’s experience at Hog Wild:

Almost every hunter knows someone they’d like to introduce to hunting. It might be a child, their spouse, or maybe a friend. Sometimes, those first-time hunting experiences get delayed or never happen because planning a big hunt on your own takes a lot of time and effort.

Of all the groups that have come to the reserve, it’s been especially great to see families visiting. Moms, dads, and children as well as parent/child pairs have made up a big portion of our visitors. Many are bringing a child for his or her first hunt.

Like most hobbies, getting involved in hunting takes time and money. Hunting gear, licensing, rifles… all the costs can add up fast and that may lead to some reluctance to give hunting a try.

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