Feral Hogs

If you’ve been a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve addressed the myriad of ways in which feral hog populations can have a negative impact on local agriculture and the yield for our locavores and dedicated farmers. Did you know that feral hogs can also have a dramatically detrimental impact on the population of local deer? (Hint: we’re about to give you a lot of reasons that you should visit Hog Wild for a hunt. It’s good for the environment!)

Hog Tusks

It’s a little known fact that even domesticated pigs will return to their wild roots if they ever escape and find themselves in the tundra. Within a few short months, they will have grown hairy, and tusks will emerge from their mouths. A farm pig with an otherwise sweet disposition will suddenly become aggressive and forage for itself in the wild just as any other feral hog -- this makes any common pig a very adaptable and dangerous animal.

Moon Phases

This week, we wanted to share information surrounding a topic that most people don’t think about when it comes to hog hunting -- or, truthfully, hunting in general: Moon Phases.

The HogWild Lodge

Oftentimes, before coming to experience a hunt at our ranch, people ask us about what their local overnight accommodation options are. We’re always extremely proud to share what we have for our guests on the property -- a 9,500 sq. ft. rustic hunting lodge which is available for our guests.


Despite common misconceptions about hog meat, it can be prepared deliciously and safely. However, not all hog hunters are looking to line the shelves of their freezer with the meat. Some visitors to Hog Wild are hoping to find a trophy-worthy hog for their wall. Who can blame them? Hogs are a beautiful wall-mount...and a big one carries a good measure of prestige!

The Benefits of Getting Your Kids on a Hunt

In a world that is becoming rapidly digital, it sometimes seems like the children of today are losing out on the value of spending time in the great outdoors. It’s well known that playing outside aids in the physical and cognitive development of children, and that it contributes to their emotional well-being, but at HogWild, we think that more people should understand that these benefits can be doubled when teaching your kids to hunt!

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