hog fever!

Here’s something you don’t hear about every day…. Hog Fever!

If you’re an avid hunter, or you belong to any avid hunting communities, you may have heard of its distant cousin, Buck Fever. It’s a gripping sensation that’s sweeping the hunting nation.

Picture this if you will...you’ve quietly and patiently waited for an hour in your stand, hoping for quite some time that a hog would stumble out of the shrubs and into your line of fire. You’ve munched on a few snacks and you’ve finished all of the coffee in your travel mug. Life is good!

Finally, after what might have felt like several excited and sunlit days, a BIG ONE emerges and into your line of sight. You draw a deep breath in and quit chewing on the potato chip in your mouth. You know you need to be as quiet as possible to bag your trophy.

Slowly and with alarmingly painstaking effort, you draw the barrel of your .270 out in front of you and drop your eye into the scope. That’s when you feel it:

You’re shaking. Bad.

This is the sensation that we’ve all come to know has Hog Fever...quite literally, we call it being ‘high on the hog!’

In reality, you can chalk this fake adrenal phenomenon up to a few simple things:

1) Nerves
2) Adrenaline
3) Excitement

Not to worry about this...you might entirely miss your first shot if you’ve never taken a crack at hunting before. That’s ok! In fact, most of us missed our first shot, too. Luckily for you, at Hog Wild, that first shot isn’t the only one that you’re going to have the opportunity to take all day. Consider this...when deer hunting, you might only see one buck on your trip!

At Hog Wild, you can rest assured that there will be multiple hogs visible on your hunt. Thankfully, the cost of hog fever is much less than the cost of buck fever.

Want some of the best tips on how to avoid hog fever? Give us a call today at (405) HOG-WILD and we can discuss the guided hunting options available.

Best of luck out there...and maybe drink a little less coffee before you’re ready to pull the trigger. That might help with the nerves!

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