Women and Hog Hunting

Traditionally speaking, hog hunting (and hunting and general) has for some reason been associated with masculinity and ‘male-activity’ -- but times have changed! Even though hunting has always been a friendly sport to women, the focus of the industry hasn’t always demonstrated that. Today, we’d like to share some facts about how women have become a larger part of the hog hunting (and general hunting) industry in recent years. As you know, we consider hog hunting at HogWild to be an outing that is enriching for the entire family!

Recent figures on hunting in the United States estimate that upwards of 15 million people are active hunters. This means that there is a lot of love for the sport in this country -- that’s almost 12% of the US population who have obtained the appropriate license to hunt, or who actively hunt...whether it be waterfowl, big game, upland game bird or exotics! That’s a big number of people, and it’s no wonder to us -- hunting is enriching, keeps you outdoors, and gets you in touch with the primitive person within you.

Happy Holidays from HogWild

In Oklahoma, all 48 colleges and universities have shut down for the holidays, and students have packed it home (hopefully with a little boar meat to share with their families). In nearby Norman, the University of Oklahoma is celebrating a phenomenal regular season in football with a resounding cry of “BOOMER! SOONER!”

When you think of Texas, you probably think of how deregulated it is...you can do pretty much anything there -- especially when it comes to hunting, fishing and any other outdoor activity. So you’d probably guess that the best hog hunting you’ll get is in Texas too wouldn’t you?

Hunting in all types of Oklahoma weather has never been easier now that we’ve built our immersive experience at HogWild.

National Landmarks to Visit During Your Hog Wild Adventure

In a previous blog entry, we’ve talked about some of the many amazing things that you or your spouse can do in nearby Oklahoma City. OKC itself is a very family-friendly place to visit -- the food scene is incredible, and there is so much to see and do in terms of art, music and scenic roads to travel by. However, for this entry, we wanted to specifically address some of the amazing landmarks that you can see if you are not an Oklahoma Native… from a harrowing but beautiful national memorial to a very unique skyscraper designed by a renowned architect, Oklahoma has a lot to offer you.

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