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Oftentimes couples and families making a trip to Hog Wild for a hunt come with the full package -- a very eager hunter, and a spouse or loved one who is more eager to see a bit of what the surprisingly metropolitan Oklahoma City has to offer tourists or non-locals. In fact, many people from out of town are surprised to learn about how hip OKC actually is!

Because we know that some of our guests may be coming for the moral support of a dear loved one who’s anxious to get out there and hunt some hogs, we’re excited to share a list of some of our favorite local attractions -- we’ve even added a bonus for you at the end!

#1 -- The American Banjo Museum
Some folks are a little surprised when we tell them about this little gem in the heart of Bricktown. They’re often even more surprised by the experience that they have when they find their way into the museum!

The facade of the building is unpresuming, but inside you’ll find the largest collection of rare and famous banjos on public display. The introductory sequence for all visitors passing through the museum is surprisingly high-tech -- not to mention informative -- and should be seen by any music or music history buffs passing through the city. As a bonus, check out Bricktown Brewery just a few doors down...a staple of the Oklahoma City beer-enthusiast diet.

#2 -- The Myriad Botanical Gardens
When people think of Oklahoma City, they often think of the beautiful design of this building situated in Downtown OKC. The outside of this ornate building that you may be familiar with is a public area for all folks to access. Check out the pond at the lower level and you’ll find beautiful koi fish and migratory birds.

Additionally, for a nominal fee, you can look at the beautiful tropical conservatory with gorgeous floral/jungle arrangements and beautiful birds of paradise. Pro tip: Bring yourself some extra water...it’s hot in there.

#3 -- The Jones Assembly
If you’re looking for a great place to catch live music and mingle with the young people of Oklahoma City, look no further than The Jones Assembly! The drink menu is on the more inexpensive side, and you can feel comfortable on the rather expansive patio or near the massive stage area near the bar inside.

The music often features national touring acts or local favorites. You can’t really lose with this one!

#4 -- The Wheeler Ferris Wheel
The Wheeler Ferris Wheel will offer some of the best photo ops that you can get in OKC -- in more ways than one! Once at the very topmost point of the Ferris Wheel’s spin, you will have one of our favorite views of the Oklahoma City Skyline. Take the ride as close to sunset as possible, and you’ll feel like you’re looking at a little slice of heaven!

In addition, many folks like to stop and take their picture with the giant ‘OKC’ letters at the front of the Ferris Wheel Park.

Fun Fact: This Ferris Wheel used to live on the Santa Monica Pier where beach goers rode it from 1996 until 2008.

#5 -- Oklahoma City Thunder Game
If you come at the right time of year, you might be able to catch an electrifying game from the pride of Oklahoma City -- our Oklahoma City Thunder!

Spend just a little time walking around the city, and you’ll soon realize exactly how passionate the locals are about our team. Though we have relatively newer expansion in the NBA, you’ll find that the fans are just as excited -- if not more excited-- to catch an OKC basketball game as any other city!

-- BONUS--

For a nice romantic dinner date with one of the best views in the entire United States, check out Vast. It’s a restaurant located on the 49th floor of the tallest building in Oklahoma City -- the Devon Energy Center.

The restaurant website notes that you’ll be comfortable in business casual to a tux, but do know before heading in that it is a pretty fancy place, and not on the inexpensive side. For the view that you get to look over while eating delicious food from a scratch kitchen, we think it’s worth it. Enjoy!!

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