Hunters typically come to hog wild for one of two reasons. They want to fill their freezer with meat, or they're out for a trophy. If the latter describes you, you might be wondering what is involved in getting a hog mounted for your home. Here's some information to help you get started.


Q: How much does a hog mount cost?


The cost generally depends on the type of mount that you'd like. The most common mount for hogs and other types of game is the shoulder mount. This type of mount includes everything from the shoulder up, much like every deer mount you've seen.


A boar shoulder mount will cost you around $600. Those of you who've had deer mounted might find that a bit of a shock. Though the deer is larger, a shoulder mount for one costs around $450. Size isn't the only consideration. A hog mount will cost more because hogs have more gristle and cartilage than a deer. The process of fleshing the animal takes longer, so it is more expensive.


Very rarely somebody might have an entire boar mounted. However, a full body mount costs around $2,500.


Q: What type of hog makes a good mount?


While any hog can be mounted, size definitely plays a factor into which hog makes a most suitable mount. The larger the hog, the more prestigious the trophy. But other options allow you to end up with a trophy fit to your preferences.


Assuming that you're going for a shoulder mount, a good hog would have fur that isn't too damaged. You'd also have a better trophy hog if the ears weren't too ragged from fighting with other pigs.


There are some options that you have control over when mounting a hog. The mouth can be mounted opened or closed. An open mouth shows more teeth than a closed mouth. Teeth size is an option as well! The animal's original teeth are discarded, since they'll eventually rot. So the tooth size is up to you!


Q: Where can you get a hog taxidermy in Oklahoma City?


There are plenty of taxidermy shops in Oklahoma City, and we're happy to help you find one that's best for your needs. Contact us at 405-HOG-WILD today to get recommendations on taxidermists in Oklahoma.

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