There has been some wild weather in the state this spring. While you might be thinking that all poor weather is bad for hunting at Hog Wild, these storms can actually give you an advantage.



During a hot, rainless summer hogs aren't very active. They're too hot, and the only way to cool down is to lay in the shade and keep from moving around so. Weather like what we've experienced so far changes that entirely.


In overcast conditions, you're far more likely to see pigs moving around in the open because they don't have to rely on the shade for cooling. They're out and rolling around in puddles of mud left over by the rain. This can make your hog hunt far more interesting and productive.


Of course, we do have our limits. We don't allow our hunters out on the property while we're in the midst of a thunderstorm. After all, a metal tree-stand is the last place that you want to be while there's lightning striking everywhere. And we're not in the business of getting people injured.


So long as the lightning stays away, you can expect to be out on the property hunting hogs that are more active than usual.


Don't let the forecast keep you away. Call 405-464-9453 to book your hunt today.

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