During summer the most effective hog hunts that we host are dog hunts. And if you go on a dog hunt at Hog Wild, you're going to meet the Dogo Argentina. Let's take a look at this fascinating breed, and how they're used to hunt hogs.


As the name suggests, the Dogo Argentina were bred in Argentina specifically for hunting wild boar in the 1920s. The Dogo comes from a mixture of 10 different breeds of dog, including the extinct Fighting Dog of Cordoba. The Cordoba was considered a bit too aggressive and was mixed with the other breeds to create a more steady dog.


Dogo Argentinas are quite rare in the US, and are most commonly found in Texas. There are only two licensed breeders of Dogos in Oklahoma, and one of these breeders supplies Hog Wild with dogs for our hunters. So how does hunting with the Dogo work?


Generally, the Dogo Argentina is a "catch" dog. Another type of dog, such as the Mountain Cur, will use its powerful nose to find the location of a hog. Once they've found a hog, the curs will surround it and bark to keep it there and notify the hunting party. That's where the Dogo comes in.


Dogos will catch a hog by the ear and hold it. This prevents the hog from swinging its head from side-to-side and using its tusks to injure the hunters. Then hunters can approach and kill the hog with knife or spear.


This method of hunting is so effective that you're virtually guaranteed to catch a hog when using it.


If you'd like to try out the thrill of a dog hunt, contact us at 405-464-9453 or book a hunt online today!


Photo by Christian PInatel de Salvator.

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