It gets cold in the winter in Oklahoma. Sometimes it gets VERY cold. While every season presents hunters with different opportunities, the cold days of winter can present prime hog hunting conditions. We find the cold can even make a hunt more challenging and exciting.

Let's take a look at just a couple of the many reasons to schedule a hunt this winter. And for some, this may even make hunting in winter a better option. It’s certainly more challenging!

Rooting during the day

Hogs feast on natural foods during warmer months and tend to do so around dawn and dusk. During the winter months, however, they are more likely to be out rooting during the day.

When conditions are right, a stalking hunt can be very successful. However, finding a path for an ambush can be just as effective due to increased daylight activity.

Occasional snow

Snow is rare in Oklahoma. But when it happens, it offers an incredible hunting opportunity!

Hogs, like any animal, are more likely to hunker down in extreme cold weather, but it's also likely that they will seek out sunshine for warmth. It can be difficult to spot a hog in the shadows, along the tree line, and in dense brush. But with a fresh blanket of snow, the contrast of the hogs color against the snow can make spotting a bit easier.

Of course, campfires are way better when it's cold!

We'd love to make your winter hunt one to remember! Learn more about our hunting packages and how you can schedule a hunt today

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