Most people don’t think of summer as a good season for hunting. Turns out, it’s actually a great time to hunt wild hogs. As the days warm up, our tactics do change a little from what we do in cooler months, but for those who prefer being warm to being cold, summer is sometimes the perfect time to hunt.

Adapting to summer


Wild hogs (and most other animals you might hunt) move around the most when the day is cool - early in the morning and when the sun goes down in the evening. During summer, hunting times shift a little earlier and a little later to match when the hogs are moving.


We also move our stands closer to the water sources on our reserve. While pigs will eat less in the summer because they’re not moving as much during the day, they still have to drink. And because they don’t sweat, they tend to stay close to water sources to wallow and cool off in the water and mud.


In some cases, it can be easier to hunt hogs in the summer than it is in the winter. There’s obviously more ground coverage because of leaves, but the hogs tend to concentrate and group together more. It’s a time when the monster hog you've been looking for might finally come out of hiding.


Reserving your spot


Because there are many people who don’t like hunting when it’s warm outside, there is less competition for scheduling summer hunts and less chance of bad weather. If you can only hunt on the weekends and are worried about getting a hunt booked, booking in the summer is a great opportunity to schedule a time that works best for you.


So come on out for an early morning hunt, spend the day relaxing at the lodge - maybe grill up some hamburgers and take a siesta, and end the day with an evening hunt. There are worse ways to spend a lazy summer day.

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