Moon Phases

This week, we wanted to share information surrounding a topic that most people don’t think about when it comes to hog hunting -- or, truthfully, hunting in general: Moon Phases.

You’re probably wondering exactly how moon phases can have any level of an effect on hog hunting. There is a lot of speculation out there about what exactly the moon influences when it comes to hog movement (some of it driven by good ol’ hunters’ superstition). Here’s the scoop when it comes to our experience:

~ The jury is still out on the full moon ~

Ask any hog, or even deer hunter about how the full moon impacts their hunting experience and you might get a variety of sensible (and sometimes odd) responses. Some hunters swear that they’ll have a completely bunk afternoon/early evening when it comes to full moon. They will contest that the hogs have a longer range of time that they will move and feed, so their tendency will be to do it later during a full moon.

Other hunters report that full moon days make for great hunting days since hogs will comfortably act more sociable and be less wary about moving during peak visibility -- though we suspect that this may not always be the case. Some natural predators include coyotes, owls and bobcats. Since some of these animals prefer to move and hunt at night, it would make more sense for hogs to stay under cover when there is more moonlight for predators to work with. With that said, there are so many other factors that contribute to Hog Activity periods. For example, hogs are more likely to be nocturnally active when temperatures rise during the day over the summer -- this way they can avoid excessive heat.

In our experience, during those summer months when hogs are naturally behaving more nocturnally (regardless of what the moon phase is), you’ll have a few opportunities for bountiful hunting in the late morning rather than the early morning. Fuller stomachs after a night of movement and feeding means that the hogs won’t worry about nourishing themselves again until the late morning -- but they’ll come hungry when they do!

Anecdotally, you’ll hear a lot of different things from different hunters who’ve spent time hunting in different places. The most important thing that you should know about HogWild is that there is more than a surplus of hogs to work with in Oklahoma, and our ranch is filled to the proverbial brim with hogs no matter what phase the moon is in -- you’re almost definitely going to see one.

Would you like to learn a bit more about hunting hogs from us, and how you can have a great time on our ranch? Give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD -- we’re looking forward to giving you a great hunting experience.

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