The Benefits of Getting Your Kids on a Hunt

In a world that is becoming rapidly digital, it sometimes seems like the children of today are losing out on the value of spending time in the great outdoors. It’s well known that playing outside aids in the physical and cognitive development of children, and that it contributes to their emotional well-being, but at HogWild, we think that more people should understand that these benefits can be doubled when teaching your kids to hunt!

Most parents probably haven’t considered the benefit of kids getting familiar with firearm safety; it’s integral for today’s children to know how to respond when they encounter a weapon in their everyday life. There’s no better way to do this than educating your little ones about hunting and hunter safety.

Approaching firearms and hunting gives young people a level of respect for hunting as a sport and for these types of weapons as a tool that many others do not have the opportunity to have. It is truly a leg up in the current social conversation about these topics -- a perspective that many do not ever have the privilege to share.

What’s more -- hog hunts are the perfect way to introduce your children to the world of hunting (and to keep them off of the smartphone). Why? Because there is no season restriction for the hunt -- you can get your kids out in the field in the best weather and plan for the best conditions for your little ameteur sharpshooter.

Additionally, at HogWild, you are guaranteed to see a hog on your hunt. Though it can sometimes be an exercise in patience for a kid -- a valuable exercise at that -- waiting for a hog to show up is exciting! It is extremely great quality time for parents and their children, and also a very cool way to pass down the knowledge that you have about the outdoor world and how to survive in it.

In our ranch setting, some of the more advanced things will be taken care of. We’ll load up the feeders and have strategically placed stands for you to worry less about actually attracting the animal to your hunting location. With that peace of mind, you’ll be able to work with your child on the best place to aim for the quickest kill, and continue to reinforce good safety skills as you wait for your hog to arrive.

If getting your kid acquainted sounds like a good idea -- and it should -- consider giving us a call at 405-HOG-WILD to chat with us about what we do and what types of experiences kids usually have with us. We look forward to facilitating a beautiful hunt for you and your children alike!

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