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Wild hogs reproduce rapidly, having 12 to 20 piglets born every year. This could be a good thing for American agriculture if these swine were being produced on farms. The problem is that many feral or wild hogs are creating more offspring than their environment can handle. This leads them to harass farms by stealing crops and destroying property. That's one of the big reasons that hog hunting excursions have become popular in the last few years. If this interests you, here are some tips on how to make exotic hunting trips for hogs more fun.

  1. Hog Hunting With Dogs

    When you go hog hunting with dogs, you not only increase your chance of success, but you also get to bond with your beloved pet. Everyone wins.

  2. Staying in a Group Hunting Lodge

    Bring a bunch of your friends on a group hunting expedition and spend the nights resting up in a rustic hunting lodge. Bring a few beers and relax while you talk about tomorrow's strategy.

  3. Learning How To Clean a Pig

    This may or may not interest you, but learning how to butcher an animal is a skill every hunter should learn at some point. It might not be the most fun you will have on your trip, but it's well worth the time and effort.

  4. Eating Well

    As soon as you or one of your friends gets a wild hog, you're in for some darn good eating. Nothing quite beats the reward of a freshly cooked pork chop from a hog you shot yourself.

  5. Using Night Vision Goggles

    Many wild hogs are more active at night. Now, you might not be successful using night vision goggles, but they are super cool to use anyway.

  6. Studying Tracks and Behavior

    If you are the type of hunter who likes to study behavioral patterns and tracking, boar are certainly interesting. Bring a field guide book with you and learn as much as possible.

  7. Telling Your Story

    When you are all done with your exotic expedition, you can come tell all of you friends and family what you've learned. Plus, you will undoubtedly have a few heart-racing hog hunt stories.

While wild hogs are just a few steps removed from domesticated pigs, they certainly became a nuisance in a short amount of time. Harassing farmland and property, these invasive swine need population control. Luckily, they are both tasty and fun to hunt.

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