Semi-guided hunting expeditions can be just as beneficial for seasoned hunters as they are for first timers or novice hunters. When you visit hunting ranches, you are in for the experience of a lifetime. You will gain a more diverse set of skills than you've ever had access to before, also getting access to a wealth of knowledge of unique and exotic species. Here are a few examples of animals you can find during your exotic hunts.

    1. Aoudad
      Also known as the Barbary sheep, Aoudad are horned mammals that generally reach between 2.6 and 3.3 feet tall at shoulder height. Their weight ranges from 88 to 310 pounds depending on whether it is a female or a male, and their horns grow to a maximum of 20 inches long. These majestic animals are clever heard beings that remain on high alert. Any sign of human presence and you will have a hard time getting a solid shot off. Learn how to hunt Aoudad and you'll take your hunting skills to the next level.
    3. Wild Boar
      Considered an invasive species by many people, feral pigs wreak havoc on local crops. Since they are so disruptive to natural North American ecosystems, booking a boar hunt is a lot like performing a public service. Don't be fooled, though, because your hunting strategy will be challenged on a location to location basis. These not so little piggies aren't the easiest prey out there.
    5. Blackbuck Antelope
      Blackbucks are exceedingly rare in the wild. This makes hunting them more restricted than the other two species mentioned here. Still, even spotting such a stunning creature is a privilege. Perhaps the most breathtakingly unique characteristic of the Blackbuck antelope is its black, wavy horns. They have a rich charcoal colored horn, typically only found on males, that grows in a corkscrew pattern. Count yourself lucky if you get a chance to even see a Blackbuck in person.

Hunting expeditions are great fun even if you don't find yourself successful. They are excellent practice for lesser used hunting skills, and you will have to opportunity to be out in nature with your friends. If you love the ebb and flow of the natural world, don't hesitate to book a hunt today.

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