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Hunting is typically something you learn early on in life, but it can be taught any time. Since 12.75% of Americans go fishing or hunting on a regular basis, there are plenty of people with wisdom about animals and the outdoors. If you are looking to learn more about hunting but you don't know where to start, semi-guided hunting expeditions might be perfect for you. Here are a few things a novice hunter can expect to learn from exotic hunting trips.

  1. Tracking

    Tracking isn't something you can master overnight, but semi-guided hunting expeditions strike a balance between over-teaching and allowing you to learn for yourself. You must first learn which tracks belong to the animal you are hunting, then you must learn to recognize them out on the trail.

  2. Stealth

    Many novice hunters aren't aware how obvious they are to the animals in the area. Hiding, avoiding detection, and remaining quiet are all skills people think they know but in reality aren't very good at.

  3. Patience

    The first rule of hunting is patience. Whether you like it or not, much of the day you're out on a hunt will be spent waiting for your prey to show up. Fortunately, learning patience has applications beyond just hunting and can be a very useful skill in your daily life.

  4. Pattern Recognition

    Once you've practiced tracking, stealth, and patience, you will begin to notice animal behavior that consistently happens in the wild. A bird can tell you when a deer is nearby, and a change in the wind can tell you where you need to stand to avoid detection. Humans have pattern recognition capabilities other animals can't even fathom, so use it to your advantage.

  5. How to Clean an Animal

    Getting your first kill is a beautiful thing. Visit onsite animal cleaning facilities and use this as an opportunity to learn how to clean, butcher, and preserve the meat. This is another skill that will come in handy down the line in your hunting career.

Becoming a master at hunting only lasts so long. Once you are a pro at hunting deer, move on to wild boar. You might still be a great shot with proficiency in stealth and tracking, but there will be new patterns to become familiar with. Book a hunt today to boost your base knowledge and skill set, and start your journey toward becoming a professional hunter.

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