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If you are a seasoned hunter, you might have gone through a period of apathy. Being an expert at hunting the game you are familiar with can become tedious over time. If you aren't feeling challenged, or you simply want to hone your already sharp skills, here are some ways to put excitement back into hunting.

  1. Survival Skills
    An off beat training strategy for seasoned hunters is becoming well versed in wilderness survival. Getting lost in the woods with little gear or food can be dangerous, but it can also give you a greater appreciation for nature and the ebb and flow of the forest.
  3. Exotic Hunts
    Seasoned hunters should absolutely go on hog hunting trips. Since hogs reproduce so rapidly (producing 12 to 20 piglets per year), it is important to control their invasive population. On top of that, you will need to utilize a different skill set than you would on a more traditional hunting trip.
  5. Outdoor Adventure Racing
    Adventure racing is extreme. Running, climbing, kayaking, and mapping are all essential components. This is one way to stay fit and agile in the off-season while honing your tracking and patience skills.
  7. Study
    Tracking and animal calls are essential, but as a seasoned hunter, you might want to try studying mating habits, territory indicators, and other behavioral patterns for the animals you hunt. Furthering your education about the natural world is rewarding at home and out on the trail.
  9. New Gear
    If you're talented with a rifle but have little experience with a bow, switch it up. Mastering new equipment not only keeps hunting fresh, it gives you access to a whole new world of hunting strategies. Once you become well practiced with a tool, you can move onto the next one for an even bigger challenge.

After becoming a professional in any hobby or skill set, you might find it all a bit too easy. If this is the case for you, try the above ideas to spice up your time in the woods and start having more engaging hunts. You will learn fantastic new techniques, get a deeper understanding of the natural world, and push yourself to become better than ever before.

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