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Whether you are a seasoned hunter with a passion for tracking new animals and sharpening your keen eye, or you are a novice hunter who's eager to experience an exotic hunt first hand, semi-guided hunting expeditions for exotic animals might be your next big adventure. One of the most enticing animals you can hunt for is the wild axis deer. As any hunter knows, the most important things you can learn before a hunt are the animal's physical description and behavior.

Also called the chital or spotted Indian deer, due to their geographical origin, the axis deer have two large antlers that can grow up to 30 inches in length. Males can weigh anywhere from 60 to 160 pounds, while females weigh only 50 to 100 pounds. On top of that, antlers are only grown by male axis deer. If you have hunted deer before, you will notice a striking similarity. The main difference is the chital's vibrantly white spots. When you see one, you will know.

The axis deer is active in the daytime. During the warmer months, you can find them lounging in the shade at peak heat hours. As the temperature starts to cool, the axis deer start to wake up before the sunrise to forage for fruits, herbs, shrubs, and general foliage. During the summer months they prefer grass and shoots, so you will likely be able to find them out on the plains.

The spotted deer is a matriarchal herd animal, and they travel together closely. If you are stalking a herd and they suddenly stop, as if frozen in their tracks, their herd has likely become wise to your tricks. Unless they are able to deem the area safe, they will likely explode into a sprint soon after freezing. If you have a shot and they stopped, take it because their next move is to seek cover in nearby brush.

Though this isn't strictly relevant, the axis deer often stands on its hind legs to forage fruit from trees. So, if you see trees with plucked fruit, it very well could be done by an axis deer.

If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime, visit an exotic hunting lodge and try your hand at hunting the beautiful and fascinating axis deer.

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