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Feral hogs, also known as wild boar, have lived in the United States for hundreds of years. Today, there are over 6 million feral hogs sprawled across 39 states. And this prevalence has helped boar hunting grow in popularity. Whether you have been hog hunting for years or are about to take your first hunting trip, it's important to have a basic understanding of these wild creatures. 

What is the natural habitat of wild hogs?
While boar live all over the country, many of them are concentrated in Oklahoma and Texas. They most often live in areas of high vegetation near water, but you may find them in drier areas as well. Boars generally travel to find food, but once they find a place to live, they will stay within a less than 5,000-acre range.

What are typical wild hog reproduction patterns?
Wild hogs reproduce often. A female boar can give birth to 12 to 20 offspring annually, and these offspring reach fertile age by about eight months. Boars typically have one or two litters per year. When these animals are reproducing at full capacity, the population can grow too rapidly. 

What do wild hogs eat?
These omnivores eat insects, small reptiles, amphibians, and birds. They will also eat seasonal plants like grass, roots, fruits, mushrooms, and acorns. Their feeding habits can make them a risk to farmers since they have a tendency to wander into crop fields.

Are wild hogs dangerous?
Boars do not typically attack humans, especially if unprovoked. Attacks generally happen when a human (often a hunter) gets too close to a litter of baby pigs or when humans are in the path of a boar running from a threat. Most of the time, however, a hog will run away from a human.

These intelligent, widespread animals make ideal game for hunting. If you are interested in boar hunting for the first time, be sure to hunt with an experienced hunter or attend organized wild boar hunting trips. An expert will teach you how to trap, kill, and safely handle wild hogs. This way, every single hog hunt can be safe and successful.

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