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If you're a hunter of some experience, then you may have thought about taking your sport one step further with exotic hunting trips or boar hunting. Sometimes, hunting the same old thing can get a little dull, and you might have felt that in the last season.

Even if you're an experienced wild hog hunter already, you might still be looking for a new experience. Luckily, there are options for both of these candidates. For the first, we recommend looking into hog hunting trips as a good place to start. There are plenty of hogs to hunt in the Southern and Midwestern states, where feral pigs were first introduced by Spanish explorers 500 years ago.

However, for those experienced hunters looking for a new challenge, night vision hunting might be exactly the thing you're looking for. Night vision hunting isn't an option most commercial hunting businesses offer, but it's a rewarding experience for seasoned hunters in search of a new challenge.

To make these hog hunting trips more likely to end with a kill, here are some tips to keep in mind during your first night hunting trip.

Get Nocturnal
For a variety of reasons, many states and hunting lodges don't allow night hunting. If you're interested in booking hog hunting trips, make sure your destination allows this practice. For instance, our Oklahoma hog hunting lodge not only allows night hunts, but also provides the night vision equipment you need to do it right.

During the summer months, hogs are especially likely to turn nocturnal to avoid heat and to avoid human activity. That's where the night vision comes into play, as catching hogs when they're out and about is the best option.

Place Bait
One of the best hunting techniques is to use a feeder to get the hog's attention, and then hide in a location where they can't hear, see, or smell you. After you hear a hog feeding, use a green or red light to see where it is you're aiming and bag your kill.

Hunt for Tunnels
Another popular hog hunting technique is to find the trails that lead to a hog's bedding area. These often look like tunnels into thick vegetation. Once located, you can wait and ambush the animal when they return home.

Watch Fields
This works well with the first tip, which is the feeder, but watching fields for hogs on the move can be a good idea for those new to night hunting. This also allows you to see your surroundings better.

Hogs will head back to their bedding areas near or after sunup, so positioning yourself at one of the trails before then could get you a shot at a line of hogs. You'll want to take out one in the rear, to get the drop on them.

It is recommended that you get a platform for this sport, as hogs are famously aggressive animals. Getting clear of their charges and tusks can be a good safety measure.

If you have any questions about hog hunting trips in Oklahoma, contact us this summer. We'll be glad to answer them and get you set up on your first of many successful wild boar hunting trips.

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