Before the New Year, Ed Godfrey of the Daily Oklahoman paid us a visit and we gave him a tour of the reserve. While he was here, we also took him on a hog hunt. The full article can be found on the NewsOK website, but here’s a little bit of Ed’s experience at Hog Wild:

Two hogs had cautiously braved their way toward a ravine below where corn had been scattered nearby, even sticking their snouts out from under the brush and sniffing around, but evidently I didn't pass their smell test. They turned around and headed back up the hill, protected under the thick cover.
As daylight began to slip away, I started to wonder if I had missed my opportunity. But then another hog came along that was not as wary as the previous pigs.
The big boar stepped into the clearing and walked straight toward me. The hog then turned its head, offering a shot through the shoulder and into the vital organs. The .308 Winchester round dropped the swine dead in its tracks.

We loved having Ed out and it seemed like he had a good time too. The full story of his visit can be found here.

Plan your visit

If you liked Ed’s story, and want your own hog hunting tale to tell, it’s a great time of year to come hunt. Now that rifle season has wound down, many hunters are stuck indoors, itching to get out and hunt.

We’re open all year, so if you’re suffering from the off-season funk, hunting hogs is a great opportunity to get back into the woods. And since we’re just 15 minutes off of I-35 and the OKC metro area, you’ll be close enough to be back in home in time for dinner.

Give us a call to schedule a wild hog hunt and we’ll get you back outdoors and into an exciting hunt that’s the perfect solution to your winter boredom. Contact us at 405-HOG-WILD or via our contact form and we’ll setup a time that works best for you.

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