We like to think that hunting wild boar is a fun and challenging task. But as with anything, there are plenty of myths about hunting hogs. We're going to cover three of these myths and explain why, at least at Hog Wild, these myths aren't based on the truth.


1. Hog hunting is easy


We've seen hog hunting referred to as "population control." There are those who think that hogs are basically fat lazy pigs that walk out into the open and wait to get shot. That just isn't the case. All of the animals at Hog Wild are free to roam the breadth of our property, spanning 150 acres. There's plenty of cover. Getting a hog into a position to be shot is so difficult that in certain conditions, dogs are absolutely necessary.


2. The best hogs are kept in a "trophy pen"


There are certain high-fence hunting preserves that keep certain animals in a trophy pen. Typically, you'd have to pay more to hunt for these hogs. That's not true of Hog Wild. Here, all of our animals are free to roam the 150 acres. This gives all of our hunters the chance to bag a big pig.


3. There's a trophy fee


With some hunting preserves, you'll be charged a trophy fee for any animal that you kill. The trophy fee is often based on the size of the animal that you kill. Nothing kills the happiness of killing a big hog like receiving a big bill. We don't have a trophy fee. You pay for the hunt and the trophy is yours for no extra cost.


Come and hunt!


Don't buy into the myths. A wild boar hunt is challenging and exciting for everyone from the novice to the experienced hunter. If you'd like to book your hog hunt, call 405-HOG-WILD.

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