There are two ways that you can use your kill from a hunt at Hog Wild. You can turn it into a trophy, or you can eat it.


While you don't often hear about boar as cuisine, you're missing out if you don't at least try putting hog on the dinner table.

So if you're interested in stuffing that freezer with delicious hog meat, here's some info on eating and processing wild hog.


Yes, you can eat wild hog!


You may have heard rumors here and there that wild hog isn't edible. That's just not the case. If handled and cooked properly, wild boar is edible.


There are differing opinions, of course, on how hog tastes, and different sizes and ages of hogs taste differently. But you can certainly eat them. Serious Eats describes the taste of boar this way:


"A free-range animal grazing on a wide variety of forgeable foods gets more muscle-enhancing movement, which generates a deeper, more flavorful meat than an animal confined and raised solely on grain."


Sounds fit for your dinner table! So now that you know that you can eat what you kill, how do you process wild hog?


How does hog processing at Hog Wild work?


If you've decided that you want to bring home your kill for food, Hog Wild will provide some of the cleaning services to get you started. Specifically, we'll handle the skinning, caping and quartering if needed.


That gets you ready to take your hog to the processor of your choice. Wild boar can make for great loin, several types of sausages, pork chops and more.


We're not talking about a stingy amount of meat here. A 200 lb. sow can feed your average family for quite a while, even for a few months. If you need to get in touch with a wild hog processing pro, we can help.


What kind of food can I make from wild hog?


From salami to stir fry, there are plenty of ways to mix wild boar into your meals. We recommend checking out sites like and for recipes that include wild boar.


For more information on wild hog processing, or to schedule a hog hunt today, call 405-HOG-WILD today.

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