There are plenty of articles out there to tell you what the best gun for hog hunting is. But we've got an answer that's simpler than most - bring your deer gun.



When it comes down to stopping power, your typical deer rifle is going to do just as good a job of stopping a hog as it would a deer. We're talking about your .270 or .30-30. Even your son or daughter's .243 is an acceptable hog hunting gun.


Wild boar have a reputation for being not only powerful but downright dangerous. And because of this some hunters will bring out the .338 to take down one of these mystical pigs. But the truth is that, as in any other hunt, the size of the gun is irrelevant if you can't hit the target. Good shot placement with a .223 will kill a hog as quickly as you would with the .338.


Because you're comfortable with using the rifle you hunt deer with, you're more likely to send a better shot downrange.


Don't think that those are big enough bullets for the job? Guns & Ammo suggests that big, slow bullets like .45-70 are more likely to wound than drop a hog, and hogs can take several 12 gauge slugs and keep going.


The beauty of hunting at Hog Wild is that you don't even need to have a gun to hunt here. While we prefer that hunters bring their own guns, we're open to hunters of all experience levels. Whether you'd like to bring your son or daughter for their first hunt, or you have a friend who's never shot a gun before, they're welcome here.


If you don't have a gun, we'll rent a weapon and ammo. For inexperienced shooters, our guide will help you practice aiming and firing. Generally even those customers who've never hunted before will bring home a hog the same day!


Contact us at 405-HOG-WILD to set up your visit today.

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