Recently one of our hunters had the opportunity to take an axis buck down. It was a hunt filled with tense moments and close calls.


Our hunter had come to Hog Wild to hunt hogs, but on seeing one of the spotted axis deer, he quickly changed his mind.

We weren't surprised. An axis buck is quite unique compared to the white tail we so often hunt, and makes a fascinating trophy.


On Saturday we'd had only one opportunity to take an axis deer down. While stalking we stirred up a buck but he got away before our hunter could get a clear shot. On Sunday we hoped for better luck, and we got it. Yet the day would be full of near-misses.


From a tree stand we watched as an axis buck approached one of the feeders. It was a rare chance for the hunter, since axis deer are more likely to scavenge and aren't fond of the feeders. The deer was in our hunter's crosshairs. But a split second before the trigger could be pulled the feeder activating, scaring off the buck and ruining the shot.


After some time we took the Polaris to another spot on the property and just as we crested the hill we spotted a buck in the distance walking towards us down a trail. We were far enough away that he hadn't spotted us, and our hunter set up and waited for the buck to come closer. Closer he came, and as he came out of a ravine no more than thirty yards away, the wind shifted and the buck fled as the last had.


We continued to stalk the buck in the Polaris, and eventually found it amongst some cedar trees. With only an hour or so of daylight left, our hunter took the opportunity and dropped the buck with one shot.


This was definitely an exciting hunt. Axis deer are a beautiful variety, and despite some near misses our hunter took one home with him. If you'd like to an experience a hunt for exotics, check out our exotics page to see what animals are available for hunting.

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