Usually, the lack of foliage in parts of Oklahoma can make life easier for trappers. Hogs don't have an abundance of food, so food in the traps becomes more attractive. With all the rain we've had this year, that's not the case.


There's been plenty of foliage this year, which means more food available for wild hogs. And of course, that means that they're that much harder to trap.


Simply put, the corn you've got in your trap isn't really much more attractive than the grubs and the greens hogs can easily find.


Fortunately, there are three ways you can make your trapping more effective any time that food for hogs is plentiful.


The first way is to simply expand your trapping area. Since it's harder to lure hogs to you, you've got to go to the hogs. That means expanding your area, and probably getting a few more traps out there than you typically use.


The second way to improve your trapping effort is to use a different bait. Try some variety. The same old bait might not work now. If that's the case, try some bait that's more pungent. Instead of just normal corn, try sour corn that has fermented. That way, the hogs can smell it from further away.


Some hunters even go so far as to use Kool-Aid or something else that's sweet and can't be found in nature. That can definitely get the hogs' attention.


Finally, think about letting the first hogs you trap go. If they like the bait you set up, they’re likely to come back to the trap again. And this time, they may even bring some friends!


Hopefully these tips will help you start bagging hogs this summer. We're always on the lookout for hogs, so call us at 405-HOG-WILD if you're interested in trapping for Hog Wild.

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