To prepare for summer hunts we're bringing in a few new options for our guests: axis buck and buffalo.


Along with our blackbuck exotics, axis buck and buffalo are a simpler and easier hunt, better suited to the summer months.

If you're looking for a unique and impressive trophy, then an axis buck hunt might be right up your alley. Their distinctive spots and large horns make a great trophy for any home.

They make for a challenging and rewarding hunt, as they are extremely wary and flighty.

The buffalo we’re bringing in can provide a great trophy. They provide gorgeous mounts and even warm rugs.

Aside from the trophy, a buffalo hunt is also an excellent way to stock your freezer. The bulls that we're acquiring will be around 1,300 pounds, meaning plenty of meat for you, your family and your friends.

For processing, we are simply gutting them on the spot, then loading them on a trailer to take them to a local processor. The buffalo hunts are $3,000 for cows and $4,000 for bulls.

Find out more about the exotics at Hog Wild, and book a hunt to experience the thrill of hunting blackbuck, axis buck. and buffalo.

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