We have a lot of fun at Hog Wild! With the variety of options available, we get asked a lot about what our most and least challenging hunts are. It's difficult to say for sure because every experience is different (that's what makes it so exciting). But, with loads of experience under our belts, we're qualified to give you an idea of what an average hunt is like.

Seasons change the dynamic of the hunt, so this scale is based on a Winter evaluation. We'll use a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a nearly impossible hunt, and 1 representing buying hamburger meat at the grocery store (in other words, not very challenging at all).

Winter Hunting Difficulty

Okay, we cheated a little, since hogs aren't exotics. But in the winter, they provide the most challenging hunt.

A few notes. First, the Corsican Rams are some of our most popular - both for the horns, and for the value for the price.

Second, the Blackbuck is better for hunting in the summer due to its short hair. In warm weather, it's more apt to be up and around during the day.

Finally, hogs rank as most difficult because of their sense of smell and their tendency to only move around in the early mornings and evenings.

Regardless of difficulty, some of our most popular exotic hunts involve our Coriscan Rams. But, the Blackbuck Antelopes, and most recently the Audad hunts have proven to be close front runners as well. We had the pleasure of hunting with a friend from NewYork recently. His take of a nice black buck and a 30" Audad was impressive. (Audads average 24-25", so this wasn't an average hunt!)

SPECIAL NOTICE! We may be phasing out the Audad hunts soon due to climate transfer challenges. If you'd like to schedule a hunt before they're gone, give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD (405-464-9453) or book a hunt online.

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