As you all know we're getting into the winter season for hunting. It's a great season for hunters, and also means hunting shows. So we wanted to let you know about some upcoming hunting and outdoor shows and answer some frequently asked questions.

Our winter show schedule is as follows:


January 23-25


Monster Buck Classic in Topeka KS See more info here


February 27 - March 1


OKC Backwoods show More info here


April 10-12


Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison WI More info here


If you're planning on attending any of these shows, we'd love to meet up with you.


Now to answer some questions we hear most often about hog hunting.


How much does a hog hunt cost?


Our rates are $375 for a 1 hog hunt and $600 for a 2 hog hunt. That's a 2 day hunt with no trophy fees, licenses or tags and no size limit. Can't get much easier and better than that!


What caliber is best for hog hunting?


An AR style rifle, .223 and .243 are preferred.


How big are the hogs?


Like any wildlife, the size will vary but we tend to typically see hogs around 150 pounds. However they can range anywhere from 50 up to 400 pounds.


Do you accommodate groups?


We can handle groups of up to 10 people but the most common is 6-8. Additionally we have no minimum number – want to come out by yourself? We'd love to have you! It's also worth noting that the price doesn't change – we charge based on the number of hogs per individual hunter.


Where are you located?


Hog Wild is located east off of Hwy-59 (May Ave.) on 190th St. (1400 Rd). Once you are on 190th Street, keep going until you reach a dead end. We're 45 minutes south of Oklahoma City.


We'd love to see you out at one of our shows! If you don't get a chance to make it feel free to give us a call and if you have any questions we didn't answer here please check out the website or contact us.

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