In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the best place to shoot a wild hog. That article proved to be very popular, and we've been asked multiple times to follow up on that. Since we aim to please, we thought we would expand on the topic a bit.

As you may recall, the kill zone on a hog is the heart and it's in a different place than on many other animals. It's smaller and further forward than on a deer, for example and is harder to hit.

There's a reason why it's so important to hit the kill zone and it's something that will make the hunt day much easier. If you get the hog in the kill zone they will go 30-40 yards before finally expiring. But if you shoot them somewhere else on their body, they can go a much further distance. Adding to the trouble is the fact that wild hog blood clots very quickly and you might have a difficult time tracking them if the wound has clotted up and the hog stops leaving a trail.

If you hit the hog anywhere that isn't the kill zone, you run the risk that you will only injure and not kill the animal, or you'll kill it but not be able to find it.

Hitting the hog somewhere else can still cause the animal to die, they will just be hard to nearly impossible to track. The hog winds up being a wasted kill – either rotting away or being eaten by other animals. In addition, hitting it in places other than the kill zone can cause the animal to needlessly suffer, again something that's an ethical issue for hunters.

Keep in mind that if you come to us we'll make every effort possible to find your kill but hitting the kill zone will make it easier for everyone – from you to the animal to us.

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