Fall is a special time of year for many hunters. While our facilities are open year-round, there's something unique about this season when the weather cools and leaves fall that really seem to properly welcome the arrival of "hunting season."


The season change means hogs are going to be more active. In the summer heat, hogs bunker down all day because they don't have sweat glands. They aren't up and moving around when its 100 degrees because they can overheat, get heat stroke, and die.


Hogs keep a low profile all summer, but now is prime time for their activity levels to increase. They're up on their feet 6-8 hours a day, even in winter when it's 30-40 degrees. With their increased activity level, hunting techniques will change as the weather cools.


In the summer hogs seek refuge in water holes, but now hunts will be more centered around feeders. We also do more spot and stalk hunting in the cooler months. That's because the summer is too hot to walk around and try to find pigs.


Most of our clients don't want to be stomping through the forest in full camo in 100 degree heat. Plus, because the hogs are laying low and trying to stay cool, they could be laying on the ground 10 feet away from you and you'd never know it. Or if they do get up, you'll just see them run away. It's also easier to spot the hogs from a distance in the fall because the leaves have fallen and it increases visibility. Overall, our success is a lot higher with spot staking in the fall and winter.


We're also able to do more dog hunts during the day in the fall. When the temperature is below 75 degrees, we can do a day dog hunt between morning and afternoon hunts. It's more fast-paced and breaks up the day.


When you come out for your fall or winter hunt, make sure to dress appropriately in full camo gear that will keep you warm even after the sun goes down. To schedule your next hunt, give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD.

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