Dog hunting is a ton of fun. In fact, many think it’s the most exciting way to hunt hogs. We’ve seen a lot more of them in recent months, and there tends to be a much higher success rate with these hunts.


In case you’re not familiar with dog hunts, here’s how they work.


Typically, two or three brindle dogs will pick up the scent of a pack of hogs. Then they track the hogs down, usually singling out one of the bigger hogs. They hold that hog in position by barking at it. At that point, you can come in and make an incision in the hog with a knife or spear.


At Hog Wild, we can be as involved as you want us to be in dog hunts. If you prefer to do the kill, we can do that. Or we can keep our distance. It’s entirely up to you.


Summer hunts usually take place in the early morning or in the evening before the sun goes down, which is when the wild hogs move around the most in search of food.


We frequently have groups come in for a morning hunt, then hang out in the lodge all day, then go back out again to hunt in the evening. It makes for a really enjoyable day.


Just keep in mind, no firearms or bows are allowed on dog hunts. We don’t want to have an incident with one of the dogs.


Whether you’ve hunted with dogs before or not, we’d love to have you out for a dog hunt. To schedule one, just give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD or 405-464-9453.

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