Are you looking for a new hunting adventure? If you’re tired of hunting the same old animals, you may enjoy hunting some of the exotics we added back in April. We have Corsican Rams, Rambouillet Rams and Catalina Goats.

All of our exotics have one set price regardless of size, whereas some other facilities will charge you more for larger animals.

The reason we did that is because we have a lot of father and son hunts. We didn’t want a father to come in with his son on their first big hunt and see a animal that they can’t shoot because it’s larger and would cost more.

In other words, we don’t want anyone to feel like they need to hold back shooting “the big one” because of cost. So, it’s all one set price.

Rambouillet Rams

Rambouillet Rams are white and grey in color with kinky twisted hair. Mature ewes will have a fleece weight of 8 to 18 pounds with a yield of 35 to 55 percent. The fleece staple length will vary from two to four inches and range in fiber diameter from 18.5 to 24.5 microns. Horns curl up, out, down and back out with curls exceeding 30 inches in length. Mature sheep weigh between 250 and 300 pounds.

Catalina Goats

These goats tend to be black, brown, reddish brown, or white. However, other colors are not uncommon. The males have horns that grow up and back from the head in large twists. Large males can weigh up to 175 pounds with the female weighing 80 pounds.

Corsican Rams

Corsican Rams are brown with bold black accents on neck, sides, and legs. There’s usually a three to eight inch mane on lower neck of males. Horns in males circle and turn outward at tips. Lengths are 14 inches and up, typically 28 to 35 inches in adults. The males’ horns can weigh up to 30 lbs and can actually outweigh the rest of the bones in their bodies, combined. Females, called ewes, also have horns that are smaller. Corsican males typically weigh between 130 and 160 lbs; females 80 to 100 lbs.

Hunters can choose the Spot and Stalk method, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, as well as hunting from a Blind. We can accommodate hunters of any age and experience level, as well as hunters, which have physical disabilities or may be confined to a wheelchair.

Our prices are listed on our exotic hunts pageunts page.

We can get any animal you want to hunt. If you want zebras, we can get zebras. Give us a call and let us know what you’re interested in hunting. Schedule your next exotic hunt by calling 405-HOG-WILD or 405-464-9453.

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