It’s no secret that the wild hog population in Oklahoma causes a huge amount of damage to property and food crops every year. Wild hogs have become a menace in almost all of the southern states.


One of our goals at Hog Wild is to help farmers and land owners alleviate the problems that hogs are causing on their land.


Local hogs, local problems


We work with professional trappers and land owners around the central Oklahoma area to pull hogs off land where they have been causing problems. This commercial wildlife management serves to augment the work done by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife to control and contain wild hog populations.


Because predator populations have declined, hunting serves as a last gap measure to manage hog over-population. Even with hunting and government culling efforts, hog populations are still not under control.


Sows can begin breeding at 6 months old and can have up to 3 litters a year. In just a few years time, two hogs can turn into several hundred. This makes wildlife management critical to prevent damage to other animal populations and commercial crops.


Ethical hunting and trapping


We pay fair market rates for the hogs we purchase to help land owners recover some of the cost of repairing hog damage on their property.


Additionally, when a hog is killed on our reserve and the hunter doesn’t want to take the hog with them, we make sure no meat goes to waste by donating hog meat to local organizations focused on feeding those in need.


We also have limitations on what animals we purchase and only buy from trappers who use cages - in our opinion, the safest and most humane way to trap wild hogs.


We do not purchase animals that have been trapped using snares or dogs. While we don’t feel there’s really an ethical issue with using dogs to hunt, dogs tend to damage hog ears, ruining trophy opportunities for those looking to have their kill mounted.


So if you’re a land owner looking to have hogs removed from your land or a trapper who’d like to help, get in touch to see if there’s an opportunity for us to work together.

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