Hog hunting is a lot of fun and we love seeing our hunters have a good time on the reserve. We want to make sure we do everything we can to make hunting convenient and stress-free for the folks who come out.


 Part of making hunting trips work for many people is being able to schedule a date and time that’s convenient for them.  To make sure we’re able to provide a  convenient booking for as many customers as possible, we need your help.


Ensuring your spot


This year’s hunting schedule is filling up fast. Many hunters, especially those from out-of-state have already booked hunts well into the fall season. And while we do our best to accommodate last minutes bookings, we also want to make sure everyone who wants to hunt has a chance to on a schedule that works for them.


If you’re planning a hunt for a special event like a birthday party, it’s best to book as far in advance as you can to make sure your group has a place on the schedule.

Booking early is also the only way to make certain you’re able to hunt at the time of day that you like best. Since wild hogs don’t move around much at midday, especially when it’s hot out, we schedule our hunts at dawn and dusk and have found that many of our hunters prefer one time over the other.


We’ve heard rumors that night hunting regulations are in the works for Oklahoma, so that may lead to more options in the future.


We’re open all week


Weekends are obviously a busy time for us since that’s when most people are off work. However we’ve found that some visitors assume we’re only open on the weekends and that’s why they booked their hunt during that time.


We’re actually open all week long, so if you’ve got a non-standard work schedule or hunting during the week just works better for you, it may be worth considering a weekday booking. There will be less competition for these dates so you’ll be at less risk of not getting a time that’s convenient for you.


Coming from out-of-state?


If you’re traveling to our reserve from out-of-state it’s always a good idea to book in advance. Not only will this ensure your spot on the schedule, it will also help you budget for the trip and a chance to ask questions about our hunts so you can plan. After finding out Oklahoma doesn’t require hog tags or licenses that cost $50+ in many states, your group may decide to bring along another hunter or stick around a little longer.

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