Hunting in all types of Oklahoma weather has never been easier now that we’ve built our immersive experience at HogWild.

We’re proud to share with you that you’ll be hunting in style and comfort -- clear of all the elements. We’ve installed 6 Redneck Blinds around the property. These aren’t your average hunting stand -- our top of the line installations are carpeted with office chairs and windows for both maximum comfort and visibility. Take refuge from the cold, and from the heat and don’t let mother nature tear away at your hunt… the hogs won’t feel a difference!

Our blinds are fully set up and ready for you to call from and to wait for your trophy hog to emerge. We’ve situated them strategically near our feeders for the purpose of maximizing your visibility and access to hogs on the ranch.

Redneck Blinds windows and functionality provide you with unparalleled room and angular access to shots you wouldn’t dream of in a regular tree stand… these blinds are truly a game changer in the hunting world. For this reason, we knew that we needed to provide them for you.

Kids on their first hunt will benefit from the use of these blinds in particular -- help them avoid dealing with any inclement weather they may encounter and give them access to the perfect shot that they may never have had the opportunity before this. HogWild is dedicated to creating an accessible and fun hunting experience for all ages, and this is most certainly a part of that.

As previously mentioned, there are 6 redneck blinds located around the property. In addition to this, we have 6 two-person API ladder stands situated around the property. You won’t find this kind of stand access anywhere else in the state -- we provide the only truly transformative hunting experience on a hog ranch in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

If you’d like to know more about Redneck Blinds, visit their website at
-- when you realize just how awesome they are, give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD and schedule your hunt today!

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