After bringing down a wild pig during a morning hunt, many of our visitors decide to stick around until dusk to go hunting again. Knowing how exciting hog hunting can be, we knew early on that we wanted to give our visitors a comfortable place to hang out between hunts.


So we’re excited to announce that The Lodge is open for business.


Clean up


It can be uncomfortable sitting around all day covered in mud and sweat from a hunt, so when we came up with the design for The Lodge, we included a changing area with lockers and restrooms with showers so our visitors can clean up between hunts or before they head back home.


Prep your pig


Next to The Lodge, we’ve built an animal cleaning facility with all the equipment needed to clean and skin your wild hog. You can clean and skin the animal yourself or we can do it for you for a nominal fee.


There is also a freezer available to store your meat if you’ve decided you’re going out for another hunt later in the day.




The Lodge is a great place to relax while you’re visiting us. We’ve installed a 75-inch big screen TV, a pool table, and plenty of comfortable sofas and recliners so you can unwind after the excitement of hunting.


Where else can you go to hunt and watch the big game in the same afternoon?




We’re not going to let you go hungry while you’re hanging out with your friends and family. The Lodge has its own kitchen and outdoor grill. So you can either grill up something from home, or take part in one of our cookouts. Our lead hunting guide, Matt, can grill up a mean hamburger.


We’re proud of The Lodge and are excited to give our visitors a comfortable place to chill out and relax while they’re with us on the reserve. Spending time with friends and family is one of our favorite parts of hunting and The Lodge gives us a great way make the Hog Wild experience even better.

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