Must-Have Hunting Gear for 2020

Last year, we made a blog post about the best and hottest gear to carry with you in the field. Since it has been a while, and people have been at home for the most part, we are rolling that back out again for three of the best pieces of tactical and comfort gear to help hunters have successful and fun hunts in 2020!

#1 - Redneck Blinds

We thought we’d start out by sharing something that you don’t even need to bring with you into the field if you come to hunt at HogWild… Redneck Blinds! Redneck Blinds are designed for superior comfort and providing advantage points for hunters no matter the target. We’ve installed 6 Redneck Blinds around the property. No average stand, these top of the line blinds are carpeted, and feature office chairs and windows for both maximum comfort and visibility.
You and your family can take refuge from the weather no matter what it is… no chance for mother nature to impede on your hunt whatsoever. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to tell you more about the blinds situated on our property.

#2 - Smartwool PhD Socks

This is a topic that isn’t addressed as much as it should be in the hunting world...the importance of good footwear! Last year, we included a pair of boots that we like to recommend to hunters visiting our property. This year, we’re going to make a recommendation a little closer to the surface… Smartwool PhD Socks!

Hunting is an active sport, and you’re going to sweat without exception. This is a must-have for moisture wicking and comfort on the feet. The last thing you want is to develop athlete's foot or bad odor after only a couple of days out in the field on a hunt. Thankfully, you can prevent this kind of thing with a pair of 66% merino and 32% nylon socks designed for comfort and moisture-wicking. Paired with a great pair of hunting boots, you won’t have to worry at all.

#3 - Airhole Camo DryLite Facemask

This recommendation serves two purposes: 1) to maximize your camoflauge, and 2) to protect your face from the weather.

When one considers that the bulk of your equipment is decked out in camo to lower your visibility from whatever you’re hunting, the face is often not taken into account. A great camouflage mask is going to reduce the chance that you will be seen (whether hunting hogs, deer or ducks!) by the animal you’re hunting, and as a bonus, keep your face warm. If you’re hunting in Oklahoma, you’ll experience some really cold days. Having a good facemask has helped us deal with some of the wind-whipping that we’ve experienced and kept our face warm
-- and by extension, our spirits high and aim true!

If you’re interested in knowing about more of the gear that we’d recommend for hunters in 2020, give us a call at 405-HOG-WILD -- we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s being released, and are always happy to make recommendations. We’ve got a number of creature comforts available for you on our property as well, and we’d love to share them with you.

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