National Landmarks to Visit During Your Hog Wild Adventure

In a previous blog entry, we’ve talked about some of the many amazing things that you or your spouse can do in nearby Oklahoma City. OKC itself is a very family-friendly place to visit -- the food scene is incredible, and there is so much to see and do in terms of art, music and scenic roads to travel by. However, for this entry, we wanted to specifically address some of the amazing landmarks that you can see if you are not an Oklahoma Native… from a harrowing but beautiful national memorial to a very unique skyscraper designed by a renowned architect, Oklahoma has a lot to offer you.

Check out these recommendations:

#4 - Sulphur Springs National Park/Chickasaw National Recreation Area
So named because of the sulfur in the nearby mineral springs, Sulphur, Oklahoma is a very historically known town that is situated just an hour away from Hog Wild. Chickasaw National Recreation, a short jaunt to the east of Sulphur, is home to the potent smell of sulfuric waters which local once believed could cure medical ailments. Though it is one of the smaller federally recognized national park areas in the country, it averages 3 to 4 million visitors a year. For context, Oklahoma City is home to about 1.3 million per the last census. That’s a lot of visitors! And no wonder, the Lake of the Arbuckles and Travertine District are some of the most gorgeous bits of nature that you will encounter in the Midwestern United States.

#3 - Bartlesville, OK/Price Tower
This is a bit longer of a drive than Sulphur, but just as worth it! Bartlesville is 45 minutes northwest of Tulsa, and is home to the only skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that ever came to fruition. You can even book a room in the famous tower! Fun Oklahoma City, a tower called ‘The Classen’ was designed as an homage to Price Tower and is somewhat reminiscent. However, you cannot stay in The Classen unless you lease one of the apartments located inside of it. Bartlesville plays host to many music and arts festivals throughout the year, and is home to one of our favorite historical downtown areas in the state of Oklahoma. We’d highly recommend paying a visit to this city...there are lots of photo ops!

#2 - University of Oklahoma
So, technically, this isn’t necessarily a national area or park...but when you visit Hog Wild, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t visit the nearby campus. It is a grandiose testament to the amazing higher education available in the great state of Oklahoma. Each building features signage that indicates the original date of construction and what the building was used for during that time. Older buildings on campus have ornate facades that include sculptures of original OU scholars quite literally built into the walls. You can absolutely spend an entire day here. As a bonus, if you’re around during football season, you can treat yourself to arguably one of the biggest fanfare pageantries in the NCAA!

#1 - Oklahoma City National Memorial
If you really want to understand what makes Oklahomans tick, look no further than this shrine of optimism and hope erected in the wake of horrible tragedy. We are lucky to serve Oklahoma and be a part of the agricultural community, and the national bombing memorial is a constant reminder of why. This is located near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building where the bombings took place in April of 1995. On one side of the gorgeous reflection pool, a reminder of the moment that Oklahoma (and truly the United States) was changed forever...on the other, a testament to the moment that the city began to rebuild. This is a life changing experience that you should have during your hog hunting trip!

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