Feral Hogs

If you’ve been a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve addressed the myriad of ways in which feral hog populations can have a negative impact on local agriculture and the yield for our locavores and dedicated farmers. Did you know that feral hogs can also have a dramatically detrimental impact on the population of local deer? (Hint: we’re about to give you a lot of reasons that you should visit Hog Wild for a hunt. It’s good for the environment!)

You may already know that feral hogs breed like… well, they reproduce like rabbits! One of the problems with this is that they have a big dietary overlap with the Oklahoman deer population. Forced to compete with an animal that is much closer to the ground and that has a much more keen sense of smell, deer are often left scavenging for crumbs that are left behind by the overpopulating hogs.

Even more unfortunate for the deer, the feral hogs are willing and able to eat food that stretches far beyond the limited diet of the white tail. This means that, once they’ve entirely depleted the availability of food for our precious deer, they move on to other food supplies and continue to overpopulate. This is a detriment to the deer, with no problems created for the hog population.

When deer are trying to compete for the food that is available to them, they are likely to fall victim to the aggressive and predatory nature of the hogs. Hogs have a total competitive advantage against deer when it comes to food scavenging, and fighting.

We’ve saved what is perhaps the worst for last… feral hogs eat newborn fawn. With their keen sense of smell, they can recognize and find the location of a live-birth. The deer have no means of protecting their own when the hogs show up, and so unfortunately, it often winds up that the fawns are absconded with.

You must be wondering what you can do to stop this nonsense! We’re here to help with that information… you can hunt feral hogs in Oklahoma to help control the population. Hog hunting is experiencing a rapid growth in population, and there’s really no better place to visit and help save the deer than Hog Wild! We’re sure that you must have a plethora of questions surrounding the environment we’ve built for efficient and memorable hunting -- we’d like to encourage you to give us a call and chat with us about both the ecological impact of the Oklahoma feral hog population and what a hunt experience would be like on our property. We’re definitely subject matter experts.

So, if you are ready, give us a ring. You can get in touch with us at 405-HOG-WILD -- we’re looking forward to making life-lasting memories with you!

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