Hog Hunts are Great for Beginners

It’s clear that at Hog Wild, we LOVE hog hunts -- we recognize that we have a little bias when it comes to talking about the best kind of hunting out there, but we firmly believe that hog hunting is some of the best hunting that those who are just starting out as hobbyists can do.

Don’t get us wrong! Hog hunts are enjoyed thoroughly by novice hunters and experienced veterans a lot. Put very simply...hog hunting is just fun!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of three big reasons why hog hunting is accessible and easy to get into, and ultimately, we think that these are reasons why people keep comin’ back!

#1 -- Ranch Hunting is Set Up For You
If you’re visiting Hog Wild, for example, and you do a semi-guided hunt on the ranch, you’re going to find that a lot of what you need as far as attracting the animals is taken care of for you. We’ve strategically placed our feeders and stands around the property to ensure that you are hunting in a high hog traffic area. The more you get to observe the way we set things up, the more you’ll grow to understand the strategy of hog hunting. Plus, you’ll have a lot of opportunity to practice with the high volume of hogs moving through your hunting area.

# 2 -- Hog Hunting is Inexpensive
When it comes down to it, hog hunting is some of the most fun and inexpensive hunting you’re ever going to do on private land. Every year, people pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to be a member of an upland game bird or waterfowl hunting club… beyond that, deer hunting in some of the best destinations can cost almost $1,000 for a single tag!

If you want a good sense of how much a single or a double hog hunt will cost you at Hog Wild, pay our ‘Book a Hunt’ page a visit. We’ve clearly outlined it for your convenience!

#3 -- Inexperienced Hunters Can Do It (& it’s Great Practice!)
In a previous blog entry we discussed that the best gun for hog hunting we discussed that the best gun for hog hunting is generally your deer rifle! A .270 (the author of this blog’s choice) is more than acceptable for killing hogs.

Another great thing to consider about this is that this is great practice for getting familiar with a weapon you’ll use for even bigger game. Hogs are no small piece of game, but they are certainly smaller than the average deer -- think about how sharp your aim is going to be when you’re out on your first deer hunt after you’ve gone for some hogs in Oklahoma!


Overall, we believe that hog hunting is an extremely accessible sport for beginners and experts alike. It’s a great way to do some skill-building and spend some time in a beautiful outdoor space. To learn more about what we do here at Hog Wild, give us a call at (405) HOG-WILD

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