People who love bow hunting usually love the challenge it offers. In addition to bow seasons offering extended opportunities to hunt, bow hunting is just a different sport than rifle hunting. You have to get closer, you have to be quieter, and you have to have better aim.


 We’ve discovered that hunting wild hogs with a bow offers a great challenge and a chance to hone bow skills in the offseason to make sure you’re on top of your game when you’re chasing after whitetail.


The challenge of wild hogs


Regardless of whether you’re hunting with a bow or rifle, wild hogs are fun to hunt. They’re smart and have a powerful sense of smell, making it hard to close in on them. Hunting wild hogs feels like hunting should - fast-paced, challenging, and fun.


But they also offer a specific set of challenges for bow hunters.


They fidget and move in herds. Wild hogs are always moving. They don’t stand still like deer and shuffle around in groups so it’s harder to separate the outline of one pig from the others in the group.


Their kill area is much smaller than other large game. Not only that, but the thick skin and bone placement on the front of their bodies serves as armor. This comes in handy when wild boars are fighting (otherwise they’d kill each other with their tusks). Catch a hog from the wrong angle and your broadhead won’t penetrate at all or won’t go deep enough to make the kill.


That being said, it takes skill to take down a wild hog with a bow. If you want to develop your bow skills, they’re a great option. You can hunt wild hogs all year, regardless of season, so they offer a good way to stay active with bow hunting and make sure you’re ready to go in the fall.


We’ve had hunters out on the reserve who’ve hunted all sorts of animals and they are continually surprised with the amount of fun they have hunting hogs. Many come in thinking that it’s going to be boring or “too easy” and have their expectations blown away.


If you’re interested in scheduling a hunt, give us a call. The next few months are booking up fast and we’d love to see you out at the reserve.

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