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If you're a novice hunter and are interested in getting first-hand experience in the field, you might want to book a hunt for the Barbary sheep. These rugged animals will give you enough of a challenge to hone your skills and give you first-hand experience with an exotic animal.

Originally native to northern Africa, the Barbary sheep came to the U.S after World War II. Also known as the Aoudad, the Barbary sheep is typically between 2.6 and 3.3 feet tall (measured to the shoulder) and weighs 88 to 310 pounds. Perhaps most exciting is that their horns can grow to 20 inches long. If this piques your interest, here are a few other reasons to look into Aoudad hunts.

  1. Environment
    The Aoudad live in a gorgeous land. They spend most of their time just below volcanically formed rock cliffs. In the desert, you will be surrounded by open skies and utter stillness. That is until you track your Barbary sheep. It's truly a unique hunting experience. 
  3. Physicality
    You can hunt from a blind, but the real experience is using a spot-and-stalk hunt strategy. You'll need to climb small cliff sides and potentially travel a significant distance. That's not even the tricky part. As a novice hunter, patience is something you're still in the process of learning. Hunting Aoudad will play a huge role in developing this skill, as you will spend most of your time searching for them. Once they reveal themselves half camouflaged on the cliffside, the hunt is on!
  5. Technicality
    Living in the open desert, Aoudad have excellent eyesight. This means they'll be able to spot you from further away than your rifle's range. You will need to strategize against this with clever shot placement and camo. 
  7. Deliciousness
    Locals will try to dissuade you from eating the Barbary sheep, but don't let them. They have a more gamey flavor to be sure, but depending on your tastes, they can be a fantastic meal.

If you are a novice hunter looking for a way to sharpen your skills, exotic hunts can help take you to the next level. The rigorous demand an Aoudad hunt can't be understated. It is both physically and mentally challenging, yet equally rewarding on both fronts. If you are interested in booking a hunt, contact us today! 

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