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As a novice hunter, you might want to consider staying at a hunting lodge for your first boar hunt. When you book a hunting lodge with a group of friends, you will be able to relax and move at your own pace. There are a great many benefits to staying in a lodge for exotic hunts. Here are just a few:

  1. Showers
    Nothing beats a fresh hot shower after a long day on the trail. Not only are showers relaxing, but they help you to not reek of boar scent. See, one of the best ways to hunt wild boar is with a scent to attract them. At the end of the night though, you don't want a bunch of hogs knocking on your door, and you alsodon't want to smell like boar urine all night. De-scenting is much more convenient with your own shower. Think of it this way, humans have 387 active olfactory receptors while hogs have 1,113. This allows them to sense odors from five miles away. If you can smell you, the hogs sure can.
  2. Meat Storage
    If you bag a boar, you will likely want to get some bacon out of the deal. Hunting lodges have refrigerators and meat lockers to keep your kill fresh until you get hungry. 
  3. Engagement
    You will be much more engaged and involved with the hunt when onsite at a professional hunting lodge. First-time hog hunters will get more information by staying at a lodge with experienced friends, and ultimately be more interested in the difficult details and strategies necessary to hunt pigs.
  4. Freedom
    You can come and go as you please, set your own hours, and even hunt at night if you wish. This could play out particularly well as a strategy, but getting used to night vision and thermal imaging can take some time. 
  5. Beer
    Yep, beer is always good (after the hunt, of course!).

Get your friends together and start learning about hog hunting strategies and the equipment you will need. If you are interested in boar hunting and would like to try your hand at this exotic hunting experience, don't hesitate to book a stay with our Oklahoma hog hunting ranch today.

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