Did you know that 12.75% of people in the United States regularly fish or hunt? The love affair with hunting prize animals started with manifest destiny and bison, also known as the American buffalo, and grew into the seasoned hunters of today going on exotic hunting trips all over the world. Calling the plains bison a 'buffalo' is actually incorrect, as the animal is quite distinct from the Asian Water Buffalo and the African Cape Buffalo. Here are a few things that differentiate them.

  1. Horns
    When comparing buffalo to bison (and Asian/ African buffalo) the horns are the most immediately apparent. Bison horns can best be described as stubby, a bit cow-like, and largely unimposing. Cape Buffalo, on the other hand, have huge hooked horns that curve upward. Likewise, the Water Buffalo has prominent hooked horns, but instead of standing vertically on their head, they extend toward the tail, running almost parallel to the main body of the beast. If you lined up all three species you would immediately be able to tell which is which from this description alone.
  2. Hump
    What the bison lacks in horn, it gains in stature. Though the average Water Buffalo is larger by weight, the bison looks much more muscular up front. Bison have a hump on their shoulders that creates a stocky, build appearance up front. They also have proportionally larger heads than either buffalo, making them appear stronger. When you see the side profile of a bison, you notice that the front of its body is much bigger. Looking at the other two, you will see a smaller head and more uniformly proportioned body.
  3. Habitat
    There are no buffalo in America. The bison that live here can be found roaming the great plains. Since they live further north than either buffalo the bison's coat is shaggier and denser. The Cape Buffalo lives in the African savanna, and the Water Buffalo can be found throughout Asia. Because this species is domesticated, it is quite widespread throughout the continent.

If you are looking for new wild and exotic animals to hunt and to learn more about the history of hunting, contact us today and book a stay at a hunting lodge for your first of many semi-guided hunting expeditions.

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