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If you're tired of hunting the same game every year, consider breaking the monotony and book a hunt for exotic animals. There are a wide array of wild beasts that most people have hardly even heard of, let alone conquered. If you want to hone your hunting skills and have an exotic, new experience, you might find these suggestions intriguing. 

  1. Aoudad
    Also known as the Barbary sheep, an average Aoudad is only about 2.6 to 3.3 feet tall (measured to the shoulder) and weighs in the range of 88 to 310 pounds. Their horns, though, can reach a shocking 20 inches in length, making it imperative to not let one stab you.
  3. Axis Deer
    Chital, known colloquially as axis deer, are supposedly among the most delicious game animals. Ask local animal cleaning facilities if they've ever had a chance to try axis deer. If they have, they'll rave about the flavor. These fairly small deer are similar to elk in the way they alert each other to danger. Strong vocal chords give warnings but also indicate that it's rutting season. 
  5. Blackbuck Antelope
    This exotic antelope gets its name from the long black horns that it sports year round. A typical trophy buck has horns up to 18 inches, but they can grow up to 28 inches.
  7. Wild Boar
    This little piggy is actually not so little. It's also not so friendly to the environment. The USDA estimates that the feral boar causes $1.5 billion in annual damage. That said, boar hunting can be an enthralling experience. Their weight varies from 50 to 600 pounds depending on environmental factors, but common wild boar would likely weigh 250 pounds. 
  9. Bongo
    These exotic animals are not known for being a percussion instrument played by Donkey Kong, but rather for being one of the most desirable and elusive game animals that can be hunted. They weigh up to 900 pounds and have horns that can reach 40 inches. Their stark orange-brown coat and prominent size, coupled with their rarity, gives them a trophy fee of $35,000, but good luck actually getting one!

If any of these exotic game animals excites you, book a hunt today and begin your next great hunting adventure. 

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